Sunday, September 23, 2007

Writers needed!

Boy, it seems like everytime you come to the site I'm asking for yet another favor from you guys doesn't it? Well, never fear, because this will benefit you, me, and anyone who reads it! Now, to the pitch.

We're looking for people who love to write. And since most of you who visit have webcomics already, that shouldn't be too hard. I'll supply the topics, you supply the words. All the articles will relate to webcomics in one way or another. We're just trying to add as much material as possible for everyones viewing pleasure, so why not be a part of it? If interested, just email me at and put "looking to write" as the subject. I'll give you a topic and plenty of time to write it, then put it on the site with your name and a link to YOUR site.

Writing articles for the site will be fun and rewarding in it's own right. Sorry I can't pay, but hey, if the we get popular enough over time, who knows? Also, maybe at the end of the year we'll do a "1st Annual Article of the Year" award with a prize or something. So, if you want to write, email away!!

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