Friday, September 14, 2007

There's a Civilization on my Fork...

Roommates in college. One a goth. One, a videogame playing geekwad. Sometimes a girl
thrown in for good measure. Sarcasm abounds, along with witty movie and game references. Ever heard of that combo before? Yeah, me too. Me a hundred. In fact, and I'm sorry to say, my very own comic has all of this(of course, it's HILARIOUS) and more! What I'm trying to get at is lack of originality is almost expected in webcomics these days, so finding something that doesn't involve those trappings, and many more, is like discovering that your mattress is filled with gold coins. Where am I going with this? Read on!

There's a Civilization on my Fork(a little wordy, ain't it?) starts off right away with a title that can be viewed as either wacky and original, hence making you curious enough to try it out, or the complete opposite. The complete opposite as in sounding like some existential mindf*#$!! which you might just pass up for fear of melting your brain. I chose the former months before being asked for a review and gave it a go. Anyway, Jason Torchia graces us with a pretty unique idea. A kid finds a moldy fork under his bed, then suddenly is shrunk down to the size of George Bush's brain by the teeny tiny occupants of said moldy eating utensil to become their new leader and king. Wuzzat now? Yeah, tell me about it. That's where the title of the comic comes into play. Zany adventures await out young hero trapped in Cutleria, just trying to find a way home. Fork updates are a bit erratic, but lately have been on Fridays.

You might be asking yourself, "self, with a premise like that, IS it a mindf&#$!!? with crazy off the wall art that you can't follow? Do I need to pop some pills to wrap my head around it?" Well, tell yourself that pills aren't needed. The art is pretty standard. Clean, ever so slight anime polish that's totally helped by the addition of color in the later updates is the style here. The only negative I can see is that the characters sometimes seemed wooden and not very fluid in motion, but that can be fixed with practice.

There aren't any sarcastic goths or videogame nerds to speak of(although the insane king plays them) so that's good. Of course, it starts out with an original idea and quickly becomes good guys versus bad. They are different in the fact that they all look alike other than a black armband worn by the bad dudes, and that both sides have a complete idiot for a leader, so it doesn't completely go down the road always travelled. One last thing. I don't understand why Ian just jumps into helping rescue a Cutlerian when he has no idea what's going on and just wants to get home. It didn't make any sense to me, but that's the beauty of comics, just jump right into the action! When all is said and done, it's go good and bad points, but I think the bad isn't enough to ruin your experience. TACF uses originality mixed with a little familiarity to produce a decent story. Based on uniqueness and good art, here we have an above average comic. Take a chance and dive under the bed and have a moldy good time!

I give this comic...
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Jason said...

Thanks for the review. I'm just curious though, where did you get the idea that Ian was "trying to find his way home"? In this comic he outright says that he wants to hang out with the Cutlerians for awhile.