Monday, September 17, 2007

Update on the logo creating contest...

Hey all! Just wanted to let you know something has changed in the logo contest, and I'm sorry about it, and please don't hate me. Okay, got that outta the way. Now, the change being.....I want to change the name of the site. Yep, I know, what???? Well, I kinda don't want my name in the name of the site anymore, because as it gets bigger it just seems that much more corny to me. SO, with that in mind, I've decided upon Webcomic Asylum. If there is already a site out there with that name, someone please let me know. And if you think that's not such a good name, let me know that too. So, as of right now that's the name I'm going with and I'm really sorry if it screws up anyones logo they are making or already made. Just to make things better, I've decided to add one more thing to the winner. A PERMANENT banner at the bottom of the page for the winners webcomic. Isn't that cool? Okay, thanks for being patient with me and keep working and reading!!!!!!!!!!

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