Thursday, October 13, 2011

Review: Slaughter Lake

Josh Rogers, of Captain Mushface fame, has decided to deviously concoct a slasher/horror comic called Slaughter Lake for all of us adults to grimace at. Grimace at in a good way, that is. This basically r-rated comic brings me back to the glory days of movies like Friday The 13th and Halloween. It has the tone down perfect, tossing in all the excessive violence, cliched young adult cast, and nudity that you always expected when you would gather together your friends, slip in the vhs tape, and break out the trusty ole bong and.....wait, maybe that was just me. Forget that part. Excellent and detailed art, quick pacing, and funny b-movie writing had me smiling while viewing each page. Heck, I even like this more than Captain Mushface(sorry, Josh!). Now, I'm pretty sure it's just a one-shot kinda project, but here's hoping that there will be a dozen sequels. The one negative, and I don't even know if I can call it that, is that the comic doesn't have any originality to it, what with everything here being a staple from different slasher flicks, but it was no doubt what Josh had in mind. Just remember before checking this one out, if you can't handle nudity and really gory violence, opt out. With that said, Slaughter Lake easily guilty-pleasured me into a...


Anonymous said...

I'd just wish he'd (Josh) write some likeable characters for me to care about in this slasher story.

Else it's pretty darn good.

Jack Carter. said...

Yeah, I feel sorry for the slow witted candy bar eater, but other than that....maybe he just wanted to give us a lame group of people who deserve the slasher treatment?