Thursday, September 20, 2007

News for your artsy eyeballs...

From WarofWinds comes the news that: A bunch of comics ended on a high note, completely finished: Inverloch, Juathuur, Peach13, GAAK (which is now republishing the archives from the beginning)

Ending complete is of course, a rarity in webcomics. There will also be a sequel to Juathuur, titled "Gatecrash," that premiers around New Years.

Barb Jacobs of Talismen ( has started a new webcomic called Xylia that she is pursuing solo.

Faileas of Six Seconds just reached his 100th page last week.

Jonathon Dalton of Lords of Life and Death, A Mad-Tea Party (among others) reviewed me in his webcomic report cards, and in my opinion, it's quite a fair review. Jon himself was recently published in an anthology entitled Fablewood. Details can be found beneath the comic on his site.

Fantasy Realms is finally starting up again next week, No Need for Bushido's Joe recently built a new template for Madsniper's site Doomnstuff, which hosts White Noise and The Welcome Committee of Magic High.

Also, Cuendolin of Flying High and Low tells us that Keenzombies,
a collected effort from different webcomic artists telling a tale of different characters from their respective properties trapped in a zombified world, is supposed to start at the 1st of October. It's organized by VinnieD of Antibunny.

Godai informs us that the very first Polish webcomic collective is about to publish second isue of their comic magazine during the International Comic Festival in Lodz, Poland, on 5th October. Cool huh? Webcomics are worldwide!

Dutch of School Spirit has a 500th strip set for November 11th. Impressive!

Guardsman of Hegemonia has his very first attempt at an animated comic up for viewing. It's very rough, but it's hey, give em a break, it's his first one!

Keep the news coming people. Email me at with the info! Remember, these are your comics and this is your site!

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Joe Chiappetta said...

Webcomics that definitively end? That is news. Usually, they just fade away, or fad away.