Sunday, September 21, 2008

Webcomic Therapy?

Hey everybody. Yknow, before webcomics I grew up longing to share my little sheets of paper folded in half with superheroes on em. I even went so far as to write and draw little subscription boxes on the back asking for money for 12 weekly issues. Lame? Yes. But I was a kid. Then when I got older I attempted the ole self publishing debacle. For me it was a debacle anyway. To break even I would have had to charge about five bucks for each issue of my comic, simply titled Superheroes. I charged fifty cents and put em in a couple of comic shops, just to see what it felt like. Then came the interweb. I LOVED it. I started out with Gothy Mcgee(which I plan on starting up again soon), and went on to do a few others, this site included. It gave me a way to express myself, and pretty much do it for free. I was able to give my point of view on a variety of topics, ranging from obesity to Indiana Jones. My point being I was able to escape reality whenever I wanted to. So, what say YOU about webcomics? Where would you be today without em? What have they done for you, good or bad? Gained any relationships? Lost any? Made money? Lost any? Overcome an addiction by making THIS your addiction? Anything you would like to share would be appreciated. I'm sure we would love to hear your stories. Make em known right here!


Ahmed said...

I just began webcartooning a little over a month ago, and I've already lost time, money, and any chance of a reputation as a serious webcartoonist. But I'm doing something I've always wanted to do, so whatever.

Nick said...

Jack, I'm trying to email you back, but I keep getting a "delivery failed" message. Do you have another address I can try?