Thursday, October 11, 2007

Seven Reviews In Seven Days Review #5: Grumpy The Fat Hamster...

Todays comic is Srdjan Achimovich's(McDuffies on ComicGenesis) Grumpy The Fat Hamster, a light and calorie-free tale of a gas filled hamster with an uncontrollable eating habit. The site isn't specific about when it updates, nor is there anything on the site other than the comic.

The art seems to be almost done as an afterthought, a bad afterthought. But I think this was Srdjan's plan in the first place, to provide us with a sketchy comic to show us what not to do when creating a webcomic. This can be the studyguide for newcomers! It does have its own unique charm though. Grumpy is about as cute as an obese hamster can be. Basically they comic reminds me of those little doodles you would make in the corners of a book and flip the pages to animate them.

Every single Grumpy adventure is about him eating something he isn't supposed to, so the writing is on an even keel with the art. That is to say, rushed and lacking in plot or any real jokes. But again, see above as to why I think that is. I still found myself chuckling at Grumpy, just because of how simple it was and that made it funny to me.

Grumpy The Fat Hamster can go on forever, because there is no real story to it, just eating and burping. It was entertaining in it's own way, and I liked seeing what he would eat next. And before anyone comments that it was probably never meant to be reviewed seriously, I already know that. But I had fun reading it, so why not review it? It could actually become a good comic with better art, some color, and more unique things for Grumpy to eat. But for right now it's just an exercise in what NOT to do with a webcomic. Good for what it is.

I give Grumpy The Fat Hamster...
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(for being fun in it's simplicity, but not enough to truly be a webcomic)


Jason said...

I think it was originally started as a Garfield parody, if I recall correctly.

Jack Carter. said...

Yeah, I read that once. Maybe I should have mentioned that in the review? Eh. I wanted to let it stand on it's own four padded feet. It's not meant to be taken as a serious review anyhow.:)