Monday, October 1, 2007

New interview for your face!

DF from Modern Love decided to answer some questions for you readers so you could better understand the kind of mind it takes to make such a webcomic. That and I sent him some of my moms homemade gingerbread. Read on!
1. Describe what your comic is about and why you chose it as your first webcomic.
I think Modern Love Is about lots of things. I wouldn't know how to define It.

2. Walk us through the process of a webcomic creating day for you.
I don't actually have a "process". I have very little discipline.

3. Are the things you write about in your comic the way you really feel about love and
Sometimes yes. Sometimes I´m being autobiographical but pretending to be someone else.

4. If you could do a crossover with any other webcomic, which would it be and why?
I don´t know... What does crossover mean exactly?

5. Why black and white?
I keep the visuals simple to value "the idea". Plus I´m lazy. But I use color sometimes.

6. Where do you see this comic two years from now?
I have no idea.

7. Who or what are your influences for doing this comic?
Mostly autobio comics. Art wise, I like crumb, moebius, mccloud...

8. What kinds of pens/pencils/programs do you use?
Custom brushes in Photoshop.

9. Do you have any other projects you're working on for the future?
A portuguese version of the site (I´m brasilian), some long stories, a couple of books and
maybe some other webcomics. Then I'll cure AIDS.

10.One last question: tell the readers why they should check out your comic.
Readers, you should check out Modern Love because you might lke It. TIP: read at least a
dozen strips, cause a lot of them are really bad.

One more interview in the bag!