Monday, December 28, 2009

Review: Captain Mushface..

Seeing as how I have a new comic series featuring a Captain, I thought, why not check out another captain? So, here is my short review for Captain Mushface, a full page comic by one Josh Rogers. What's it about, you probably want to know? Well, Mush is about two friends who get their brains sucked out by aliens and put into robot bodies. From there on it's action, humor, and cursing. Okay, on to the art.

Josh Rogers art is very polished for a webcomic. That is to say most webcomics I've reviewed. His style reminds me at times of Mike Mignola of Hellboy fame, with his tons of chunky blacks, sharp linework, and subdued colors. He even takes the time to draw backgrounds, something that always adds a level of professionalism(no wonder I don't do many backgrounds!). Good art that doesn't look rushed. Very cool.

The art so far is better than the story, which from where I left off was pretty much just Mushy and friend escaping their captors and trying to find their way back to Earth. But this could be a good thing because it leaves the field open to tons of possibilities. I mean, heck, they could NEVER find their way back home, but that doesn't mean they can't have crazy adventures in the process. It's like a road trip in space! Some of the jokes are funny, and the characters, while kinda one note, did start to grow on me by the end. The one thing that I didn't get was the use of the "F" word. I know it's an R rated comic, with blood and guts and cursing, but I just didn't see the need for the harsher language. It doesn't really put any emphasis on anything, and you can write better than that. But that's just an opinion from someone who doesn't like major cursing. Someone the complete opposite will be like "yo, that Capn' Mushface can curse like a muhf*!?!! Woooo!!"

Site design? What site design? It's very basic, and I understand that, if you're using one of the templates provided by Comic Dish to start you off. But it serves its purpose, with an easy to navigate archive, links to a Mushface blog, and even a store(where you can purchase Capn' comics for your ipod or iphone!). All in all a decent site.

So to sum it all up, Captain Mushface has room(heh heh)for improvement, but doesn't need a whole lot to be a top tier webcomic. It's combo of great art(check out his females in the new ish!)and decent writing is worth a first and second look before you make a decision as to whether you should add it to your bookmarks or not. Just remember, it's for mature audiences, what with all the mush and all.

Captain Mushface gets...

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