Thursday, January 7, 2010

Review: Slash AFK...

Slash AFK, created by M. Neils, is a comic about two people named Pocket and Boom(kewl names, huh?)living together one week after meeting online playing an MMO(multiplayer online roleplaying game, for those not in the know. Which are probably none of you). Ah the ever changing rules of dating. I remember when I had to take a girl out for a Slushie. Anyway, they meet online, move in together, and hopefully hilarity ensues. Updates are Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, with 35 updates so far.

The art in Slash has a cutesy pootsy sorta chibi anime look, with lots of startled looks on the characters faces and no pupils in their eyes. It's a sloppy cartoon style that I've seen before, but that doesn't make it bad. Just cute. Tons of black to cover the lack of backgrounds works pretty well, but they never leave the comfort of their computer chairs, so backgrounds wouldn't be much more than a pic on the wall or something. They really should branch out a bit. If they go to the grocery store, how about SHOWING them go, so we have a little variety? Or when they are in-game, instead of just showing the character they are playing, show some of the game backgrounds, so we at least get some idea of what kind of world they are in. Colorwise I liked the blue, black, and white scheme because it was different than the old familiar black and white. It sort of reminded me of the soft glow of a computer screen. I wonder if that's what Neils was going for. All in all not a bad look, but could be a little more detailed.

I've played Fallout 3 on the Xbox, but never online. That's the closest I've come to an MMO. What I'm getting at is the humor here isn't for me. It's a CONSTANT reference to online roleplaying games, something I'm not into. So the audience will consist of a limited group, and I hope Neils knows this. Someone who reads Garfield most likely won't get this. Someone who spends all their time in front of a computer with a headset on talking to others about orcs and druids would. It's just a bunch of leveling up jokes and, well, that's about it. I wonder if this is all they do in real life. If so, get out there so you have more material to work with!

The site is pretty limited. If you're looking for character, about, or fan art pages, you won't find them. There are links to Facebook, Twitter, and Shoutbox though. It's simple, but the comic is right there to read, no difficulty at all, and no scrolling down, which I found a bit odd.

Slash AFK is geared ONLY toward MMO players, so if you aren't one, or don't understand them, don't bother reading this comic. If you are one, give it a quick read through, but I'm not sure you'll like the basic art or the simple jokes. Since it's pretty early in its run, it has plenty of time to improve, but we shall see.

Slash AFK gets...

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