Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thick Pie...

Thick Pie, written by Christopher Fitch, drawn by Ryan Borella, and read by people I don't know the names of, is a comic detailing the struggle between good and evil, right and wrong, Coke and Pepsi.....okay, scratch that. Thick Pie revolves around the oddball and downright sleazy fanboy humor of characters named Spoon and Fitch, two seemingly heterosexual Kevin Smith worshippers who spend their days waxing nostalgic about toys, games, movies, and "woman brown". Updates are, well, who knows? I couldn't find it on the site. I can tell you so far there are 12 comics in the archives.

On the visual side of things, I found the artistic stylings of Ryan Borella to be pleasing to the eye with the wacky facial expressions and overall character designs being distinctive yet slightly familiar without being a carbon copy of any other comic. A problem for me is that it's almost entirely devoid of backgrounds, with the exception of a couple of updates. However, most humor comics I have reviewed tend to be background lite, choosing to rely on the joke more than the art. It's not totally a distraction, but the more detail the better, in my opinion. Another small complaint is something I see a lot of, and something even I was doing for a long time. It's the "friends joking from the waist up" look of the comic. While it does work, as a reader I would like to see the characters moving around sometimes, maybe walking down the street, sitting at a table or on a couch, scuba diving, or even riding bikes. I dunno. ANYTHING other than just standing immobile while spouting off one-liners about "swimming in a sea of salty lady steak".

On the written side, Chris Fitch knows what he likes, and isn't shy about emulating it. His writing reminds me excessively of Clerks, Chasing Amy, basically any Kevin Smith movie(with one huge crappy exception: Jersey Girl. blech.)that involves talk of gay sex, poop jokes, and weed smoking. If I haven't mentioned it before it's obviously for mature readers. Wait, I meant immature adults, because the jokes aren't mature, just loaded with expletives. I don't mean to sound like I don't like the comic, because I do, just a lot of the humor is a little too gross for me. There are only so many "Woody Widebody" and gay jokes I can take. Perhaps a little more variety in the material would be beneficial. On a positive note, there is some funny stuff here. The Hermione one was pretty darn funny, in a perv sorta way. Man, these dudes have a skewed sense of humor.

The website right now is really bare bones, as in no archive, no about the creators, no donate button...oh, wait. There is a donate button. *Sigh*. There is a store however, with ten tshirt designs for your perusal. Buy a shirt and let everyone know that you rode their mom!

In closing, Thick Pie has jokes aplenty to throw at your face, and a good percentage of them are funny, and really funny if you're into college sex humor movies such as Van Wilder or Mallrats, or even Accepted. Well, maybe not Accepted. That was just a stinkbomb. It's not for everyone, especially not for younger readers, but if you can handle rated R humor than you could do worse than a big meaty slice of Thick Pie.

I give this comic...
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