Thursday, January 31, 2008

More newsie stuff...

Just letting you know that I've opened up the comments section to any and everybody, as before it was open only to people with Google or Blogger accounts. I encourage everyone to comment, as I really really wanna read what you have to say. Thanks!

Re-review: Solipsism...

So awhile back I was asked to re-review my second worst reviewed comic, Solipsism(I won't even give the worst reviewed comic another mention, blech), so here it is. It still sucks. Let me elaborate. The talking heads have been replaced with better looking talking heads, so that's not so bad, but the comics still make less sense than having complicated directions on the back of a Pop-Tart box. I will give him credit for TRYING a couple of stories, such as the Grim Reaper showing up, but it goes nowhere. The same can be said for the "Mike's Imposter" story, which begins, but then disappears with no explanation at all, just a new comic that has nothing to do with the story. who does that and still expects to keep readers? If Mike is having fun with what he's doing, then I'm all for it, just don't expect anyone else to be.
I give this comic...

More work done today...

Hey all, just stopping in to let you know that I changed more links to comics reviewed to links to comic reviews. I completed "Land of Nodd" through "Ted Pax". I should be done with the changes in the next few days. I hope this streamlining helps amp up the enjoyability factor and overall ease of use when navigating the site. Any other suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks for reading!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Review: Apathetic Rant...

The definition for Apathetic, right from the website, is as follows: Having or showing little or no emotion; Not interested or concerned; Indifferent or unresponsive. EXACTLY the way my girlfriend describes me every time we fight, so things are already looking up for this review! But seriously, Apathetic Rant is a random style humor comic with 100 or so strips already in the can, and features mature, or rather immature subject matter. Let's review.

The art in Rant is simple, yet stylish. Bold, yet understated. Colorful, yet toned down. Let me clarify. The characters are drawn in a thick black lined chunkiness, much like the Peanuts if illustrated by Charles Manson. Nubby little paws for hands and swollen pot bellies give them an odd look, but it plays well in the comics. Backgrounds are few and far between, but I didn't miss them so much because they didn't really have any impact, and this being a random style comic and all, they didn't seem to matter to me. The coloring is understated as well with dull reds and grays and blues, no bright sunny primary colors. I liked the overall feel of it.

The writing was a mixed bag of similar jokes to other random comics out there, as well as some original stuff. Comics about no-conscience characters killing each other and doing all sorts of politically incorrect things abound on the interweb, but that didn't take away from my enjoyment for the most part, but that may be only because I go for this kinda stuff. Will everyone else that checks it out? I would say about sixty or seventy percent of the jokes work, and quite a few made me laugh, but the other thirty or forty percent felt like phoned in filler. That's totally to be expected with these kinds of comics in particular, because one persons comedy may not work for someone else. Hit and miss. Oh, and also, a lot of spelling errors. Take the time to check for mistakes!

Apathetic Rant was pretty good for being in a crowded market of this type of webcomic. It holds its own and I will be checking it out every so often to see what else can happen to these off the wall characters. I recommend it, but be prepared for good and bad.

I give Apathetic Rant...

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Site alterations....

Hey everyone, well, it's Saturday, and what better to do on a rainy Saturday afternoon after getting off work at a place that is suddenly closing it's doors in two weeks(I'm not bitter at all)than to change the "links to comics reviewed" section to a "links to comic reviews" section! Get it? Yeah, instead of linking to the comics sites that have already been reviewed, I think it makes much more sense to link to the reviews themselves, seeing as how I put a link to the comics IN the reviews. This way you don't have to search the entire site for a specific review. Now you can click on the name of the comic and VOILA! You are transported instantly to the review itself. Genius, I say. Honestly, it should have been that way all along. So, in closing, I just started and I'll be changing it over the next few days. I'll let you know when it's finished. Thanks, and keep reading!

Friday, January 18, 2008

So what's up with you?

Hey, instead of going around gathering up bits and pieces of news for you, why not leave comments here letting everyone know what's going on with your comics? New storylines, anniversaries, character deaths, change of direction, contests, anything you want people to know about your comics, just let it out! I just started up OffKilterComics again with a new comic about James Bond, so click the link and check it out! Now it's your turn!-Jack

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Todays Review: Gothy Beans...

Gothy Beans, a daily strip by ElWooley(the only place I could find the authors name, I think, was in their email), details the humorous daily ongoings of a group of gothesque characters such as Milo, Mr. D, Eugene, and Mary. It's very early in it's doom-laden run, as in only twenty strips so far, but I'm easing back into the reviews, so don't jump my bones too harshly here. Onward.

When I think goth mixed with comics, Beans don't come to mind, unless you're thinking of the fact that a lot of snobby alternative types hang out at coffee shops. Not all are snobby, sheesh. Anyway, Gothy Beans? Okay. Sentient beans who prefer the darker side of life. The art is very simplistic, but in a good way. Soothing colors that don't strain the eye, with that dark crimson, gray, and black gothness that we all know and want to slit our wrists over. The characters look like depressed weeble-wobbles who listened to one too many Cure albums. In other words, cute! I like the overall art style here because it isn't trying to overpower us with morbid scenery. One can only handle so many crosses and Egyptian symbols on necklaces. I'm sure there will be a cemetary in our future though.

The writing in Beans is a mixed bag. Some of the "jokes" used only make sense after reading the explanation below the comic, which most people don't bother to do. If the comic is intended to be for friends only, then those jokes will work. If the author is looking for a larger audience, then writing material that doesn't need an explanation outside of the comic is needed. The good is that Beans has enough charm and likable characters to make you come back and see what's going to happen to them tomorrow. I do want more characterization though, because so far the characters seem interchangeable, like they don't have any standout personalities yet. This will probably change eventually, or at least let's hope so.

Gothy Beans is yet another in the growing trend of goth culture on the internet, but goes in a lighter direction, skipping religious references, crude language and drug use in favor of mostly family friendly "gothy" fun. A quaint little comic that will appeal to anyone looking for a quick black lipstick smeared smile, but nothing meatier to sink their fake fangs into.

I give Gothy Beans...

Monday, January 14, 2008

Even huger announcement.

Hey kids, Jack here with a totally different announcement than the "I'm done with this stuff" one from a while back. Truth is, I can't stay away from the interweb comicness for too long without getting the itch again. So, with that said, sorry I quit on you, but I'm back now, to a lesser extent. I'll be updating again, but not quite as much. A review here, an interview there, news once and awhile, etc. I hope you can forgive me for dropping out, but when you feel the burn you feel the burn. Anyway, thanks for coming back!