Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Review: Bipolar Billy.

Bipolar Billy is a three panel humor strip about Billy, a bipolar dude who spouts random, weird bits of knowledge in different emotional states every Thursday. Artwise, nothing changes from strip to strip. We always get three panels of Billy standing there, looking like something a ten year old on antidepressants would draw with crayons while waiting for his mother to come out of the therapists office. Billy has a different odd expression in each panel, to represent his changing mood, but that's it. I know it's a theme, and sometimes that can work in favor of the comic, but I got tired of seeing the same three pics every single strip. It does wear thin after awhile. And if you aren't enjoying the art, you better hope to high heaven that the jokes draw you in, right? Ooookay....The jokes are just wonky enough to make you think "ha, that's weird", but that was it for me. Personally, I tend to like the weirder, off color humor, but without the art part of the webcomic, I don't think I would keep coming back to see future updates. I did read a pretty good bit of them, just to see what crazy thing Billy would think of next, but would I bookmark it? If you read, say...this one, and like it, then I say go for it. But there isn't enough "meat" here for me to keep coming back. Now, just remember, this is based SOLELY on the comic strip itself, not on any blogs or extras on the site. I comment on the comic, not the website design or various bonus material. Well, in closing, if you like black humor, and don't mind that the art is exactly the same for every "strip", then give it a shot. There is some promise here. Otherwise, I give Bipolar Billy...

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