Saturday, July 12, 2008

Review: Odd Fish....

I used to go fishing a lot when I was a kid. Loved yanking those cat fish outta the water, yessiree. Just something about the impending tug of the line, the excitement of you versus a little critter that can't possibly defend about we get to the review? Nobby Nobody's(Phillip Blackman, for those not into cool net names) OddFish is a gag-style humor strip teaming with aquatic life, but focusing mainly on the misadventures of Lovecraft, an octopus with designs on destroying humanity, and a puffer fish named Howard. Updates? Wednesdays and Saturdays.

The ocean is rife with creatures big and small, far and wide, friendly and not so you would think that it would be tough to handle the artistic chores of this world. Not so for Nobby. The "biro" art(which is explained as being the UK name for ballpoint pens. Neat!) is exceptional. I've never actually known a webcomic to be drawn in all ball point pens, unless it were some scribbly lined paper mess. This ain't no mess. I was wondering how he was able to achieve that soft blue look before I read the "about" page. It's a really neat and simple concept that gives ODD FISH a unique style all it's own.

Even without the biro look, Phillip has an amazing eye for detail that left me more than a bit jealous. The enormous level of cross hatching must take him forever, and every sea creature is lovingly hand drawn, right down to each individual suction cup on the tentacle of an octopus. Great work.

I know what you're thinking. "Yeah yeah, pile on the praise for the art. I bet the writing sucks." Well buddy, I've got news for you. The writing is just as good as the art! What, you say? Here's why. Clever jokes. That's right. From "internet prawnography rocks!" to "giving my mussels a workout!" I got the jokes and got a kick out of them at the same time. While a majority of them come from "ocean" humor, and it borders on overkill with a side of cheesiness, it never quite walks the plank in my opinion. I mean hey, what would be the "porpoise" of an underwater strip if you couldn't rely on the humor that comes from it? Heh, I couldn't help myself with that one...

The writer clearly shows an indepth knowledge of the creatures he incorporates into his comic. The amount of detail shown and facts used would make Jacques Cousteau proud, if he were still alive and kickin'. I wonder if Phillip has a ton of books on sea creatures. Definitely good to see someone with a love for what he does.

From the review, I guess you can pretty much tell I loved this comic. I don't have anything overtly negative to say because OddFish ranks right up there with the best of what webcomics have to offer. Solid, clever writing and beautiful hand drawn artwork. You would not go wrong bookmarking this one and making it a must read on your list. "Immerse" yourself in OddFish!
I give OddFish...

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