Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Interview time!

It's time for a new interview! This week The Nineteenth Century Industrialist's Renee Katz stops by to let us into her head. Enjoy!

1. So I was wondering, why a nineteenth-century industrialist? Could you explain your motivation for doing a comic of this nature?
Because I love the nineteenth-century industrialists and all the stigmas around them, so it seemed obvious to me to make a webcomic about a fictional "robber baron." I wanted to pick an idea and a character I wouldn't easily get bored with.

2. Are any of the characters in your comic based on people in your real life?
None of the characters are based on people I know. Mr. Thorpe is obviously based on the notorious Victorian capitalists and factory-owners, Grimey is an archetype of a factory worker, Colonel Earth is a parody of Captain Planet - my characters are
based on stereotypes and abstractions rather than people.

3. Take us through a comic creating day in your life. How much time do you take on writing and drawing and do you ever find yourself not being able to make time for it?
During the work week, I go to work for eight hours, come home, and basically the rest of the time is spent on the comic - either writing or drawing it. On my days off, I don't do any of the things a normal 21-year-old girl would do - I write and draw comics! As for making time for it, well, I wish I could do this as my career, but nonetheless I always make time for it, because it's important to me.

4. Did you or do you have another comic that you worked on or are working on?
No. I have basic concepts floating around in my head for other projects, but I don't think any of them are going to come to fruition anytime soon.

5. Who are the greatest influences on your style?
On my art style, I'd have to say Jhonen Vasquez, John K (Ren & Stimpy), Kyle Carrozza (Moobeard the Cow Pirate), and the old Warner Brothers toons.

As for my style of writing, probably Stephen Notley (Bob the Angry Flower), Schmorky (Purple Pussy), KC Green (Cat! and Droop) and Vasquez again. These are what I consider the big ones. But I can't say for sure - I read/watch alot of cartoons!

6. If you could crossover your comic with any other webcomic, which would it be and why?
I'd like to do one with Cat! even though KC doesn't do it anymore. It'd be easy and fun to make an episode for Cat! and I'd love to see his take on my characters.

Well, thanks for taking the time to do this short interview. One more thing. Tell all the readers out there why they should check out your comic.
People should not only check out my comic, they also should subscribe to/bookmark it because it isn't going away anytime soon; updating is very consistent and reliable; it doesn't suck; and it's only going to get better! This is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

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