Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Our first ever CONTEST!

Well, I think it's about time we involved the readers in what goes on around here, so we're holding a contest! This isn't just
any little contest though. It will forever affect the site, hopefully in a positive
way. What's this contest about, you say? Okay, here are the details.
Just two days ago I made a new logo for the site. I think it's okay,
but sort of bland and boring. I'm not good with Photoshop and all that high tech stuff. I want an exciting and funny logo that stands out and
makes the site look professional. That's where you guys come in.

To put it simply, I want you, the readers, to create a brand spanking
new logo! It can be any style, any theme, with just a catch or two. One, You must incorporate a chimp. That simple. One chimp, two chimps, three, four, however many you want, doing whatever you want, somewhere in the logo design. It also has to be 638px(width)by 237px(height),in jpeg format. You can have a chimp at a desk, chimps at a computer, heck, chimps doing Pilates, I don't care as long as it's original. And two, the name of the site is changing to "Webcomic Asylum". Like it? I hope so. Jacks Reviews is just getting tired, so it's time to upgrade. So make the logo with the new name. Easy enough?

Now, to what you are all probably wondering, "what will I win if selected?" Great question! First, if you have the winning design, and your webcomic hasn't been reviewed yet, I will review it right away and leave it up for 1 week before doing another review. If your comic has already been reviewed, then just disregard that. Second, you get 1 MONTH of free publicity! You see that picture of ole Johnny Chins to the right of the site? That's where a picture of your comic will be along with a little writeup and link to it. That's 1 WHOLE MONTH of it being right where everyone who comes to the site will see and hopefully check it out. Third, the winning design will become the official tshirt design for the site which I will have up for sale, and you will receive a free one in your respective size. How cool is that?

The contest will run from today, Sept. 12th until Oct. 12th. That's an entire month to make one measly logo! Entries should be emailed to and under subject just put something like "logo entry" or "logo design". When the winner is announced we'll also be putting up all entries for everyone's enjoyment. Any questions, just leave a comment or email. Now get to work people!

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Krishna M. Sadasivam said...

Sounds like a fun contest. Let me see what I can do...