Friday, October 21, 2011

Review: Last Resort!

Last Resort is the webcomic brainchild of one Rachel Keslensky(who also happens to have volume one available here in book form). The comic is a web-14 rated, cyberpunk-furry-fantasy, all rolled into one(here's a short primer on furries, if you don't know what that term means). It's basically about a galactic reality show where convicts and criminals try to survive being killed. I hope that description does it justice. If not, well, blame Rachel, as that's straight from the "about" page. Resort updates every Sunday, which it tells us all nice and boldly, right up at the top right of the home page. Now, with such a nice website welcoming us to give the comic a shot, is it worth all the effort she put in? Continue, faithful (hopefully) readers....
First off, I really liked the premise for this one. While we have seen the same type of idea in movies such as Death Race, from 1973, and The Running Man, featuring the Governator, from 1987, none have featured furries, or various alien species like Last Resort does. So that added layer made for a more enjoyable take on the idea. I also thought the writing was very well done. This is a more long form story, and those types of webcomics tend to lose my interest faster than a goth-lite chick attempting to describe the cultural importance of the movie, "Twilight". But, much to my relief, Rachel has a nice handle on the written word, keeping the story entertaining, and the characters personality-stuffed. Artwise, I saw a vast improvement no more than five pages in, with the coloring especially moving up the ladder by leaps and bounds in the current strips. Interesting character designs and page layouts abound, although the character movements seemed to be a bit stiff. Action and fight scenes could have been given a much better flow, to make the pages more exciting to all four of my eyes.
To make a long story short, this is a good webcomic. Plenty of pages to keep you busy, and plenty of story to sink your furry teeth into. With a little tweaking in the action scene art, this one could go places. Well, maybe a few more places than it's already been. P.S. I know I said I don't count the website design into the rating, but it's a doozy. NICELY put together site, with plenty to look at. Okay, enough about that. I give Last Resort....


Sulucamas said...

8 out of 10? Hot dog! Spot on review, criticism and all. Glad you liked it!

Jack Carter. said...

Glad you make it! :)

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