Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Interview time!

Ah, as promised, here is the interview with Fitch and Spoon, creators of the uncompromisingly insane webcomic Thick Pie. Onward!
1. Thick Pie. That name sure sticks out. What exactly is Thick Pie and how does it pertain to the comic?
Fitch: Thick Pie is the totality of out sub-conscious thought and pop culture references. You know, it's thick.
SpooN: Wait... what? I thought we had been talking about going to the diner and that it would be good if they had some. Whatever.

2. Are these characters hopped up versions of yourselves? And have you really ever done any of these things?
SpooN: Weeeell, sorta... I like to think that these are the adventures we would have if we were more interesting.
Fitch: Filthy lies!!! We haven't done much, but we totally went on an adventure to Belize with Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Amanda Bynes that one time.

3. What tools of the trade do you use when creating Thick Pie?
Fitch: Voice recorder, notebook from the Beastie concert, pen from the autism class, the influence of the universe.
SpooN: iBook G4 and Flash. Most of the comic is created in Flash, tho there are some instances where a physical drawing is required. That and huge bags of 'inspiration'.

4. Any formal training or are you self taught at creating comics and art?
Fitch: Read some Scott McCloud books. The first episode of Pie was a conversation I wrote in my first notebook and handed to Spoon who went mad with panels. I soon learned how to trim down some of my wordage, where to try and time jokes, how to communicate to Spoon what I want to show. So, selftaughtish.
SpooN: Let's see... I've been into art for as long as I can remember, especially digital art. I've had a bit of formal schooling but most of it is self taught.... and I'm always learning! I've been comiking since early 2005 slowly self learning all of the tricks of the trade. I've also had a lot of help from people who've been in the biz for awhile. Whoever told you of the room full of monkeys and slave labor we have in the back of the building was a fool!

5. About how much time per day do you spend on the comic and how long does it take to make one strip?
SpooN: That all depends on the script.... and how 'addled' I am.... It can take anywhere between a couple hours (if it's a nice simple single panel) to a couple days... weather conditions and TV fodder play important roles in the time line of the comic as well.... I mean I'm not one to miss my stories...
Fitch: Daily work would be making sure to record any potentially strange ideas. After that it's develop them toward a script on the computer. Break conversation into panels. Bold important words. Write in panel descriptions, facial expressions, poses, F's teeshirt, location, title. Bang out a dozen in a day or two, sit on my ass the next three months.

6. What is one thing that you think has improved about your comic since it's beginning?
SpooN: Most deficiently the writing... I mean I could barely read it before without the aid of a dictionary and some Franklin style bi-focals.
Fitch: Oh weird I was gonna say the artwork, it still looks like a child chose the color pallet and everything mind you, but Christers have you seen the early ones?

7. What do you think about the current situation in Iraq?
SpooN: Yes. Yes I do.
Fitch: -sigh- We need to have decisive action taken but at least it's bringing energy to the forefront? 2012 fast approaches? Learntoswimandstockupontoiletpaperandbullets?

8. If you could do a crossover with any other webcomic, which would it be and why?
SpooN: That's a tough one.... I think personally it would be Wapsi Square. It's a really good read and I've always thought our characters would fit in well in that world.
Fitch: The ones that come to mind are PLUG *Bad Touch* PLUG or PLUG *The Smashing Adventures Of The Bottomleys* PLUG which I have good feelings about. wakingupdeadstudios.com

9. What is your favorite kind of pie, other than thick?
SpooN: Is beer a pie? I'd really like me some beer pie... Yeah, definitely beer pie.
Fitch: Beef pot pie. That's a joke of course, I just wanted to say pot pie. I would love someone to make me an unpoisoned/defiled key lime pie though. hinthint

10. One last question for you guys. Why should everyone try out a slice of Thick Pie?
SpooN: I think we have way too much fun making this. I mean sometimes I catch myself giggling uncontrollably. I mean how can we be legally having this much fun? Why not spread the madness?
Fitch: Someone must justify my humbly hidden hubris other than my moms. It mostly won't make you want to vomit in your mouth. It brings your ancestors back from the dead. Will add like, seven inches girth.

Well, another interview down the drain. Thanks to the guys over at Thick Pie , and thank you for reading!


Joe Chiappetta said...

Jack, Please consider reviewing my webcomic Silly Daddy. It is an all-ages webcomic. Thanks.
Joe Chiappetta www.sillydaddy.net

PS. I did look for a while around your site for your contact info but I must have missed it.

Jack Carter. said...

upper right. It says uncaringmachine@aol.com
And I'll get to your comic eventually, but I already have one more done, I'm halfway into another, and I have two others lined up after that. Maybe you should enter the contest and if you win you move to the top of the heap? :)

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Camel said...

I already have one more done, I'm halfway into another, and I have two others lined up after that. Maybe you should enter the contest and if you win you move to the top of the heap?

Camel said...

I already have one more done, I'm halfway into another, and I have two others lined up after that. Maybe you should enter the contest and if you win you move to the top of the heap? :)

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