Friday, October 12, 2007


After 4 long, hard, can't wait to get to today weeks, AND as you can see above, we FINALLY have the winner of the Webcomic Asylum Logo Contest! It took a bit of deliberation(yes, I do have some help)but after a fight or two, some hugs, a bottle of Jack Daniels, and watching Chris Farley's "Black Sheep", we can proudly say that the winner is...Krishna M. Sadasivam of
"The PC Weenies"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's right Krishna, you delivered a kick ass logo that slapped us in the face, grabbed our collective booties and never let go! Witness the awesomeness of the new permanent logo for the site. See how it perfectly embodies everything we stand for. Crazed straightjacket wearing chimps locked up with laptops! Love it. Be on the lookout for your tshirt of YOUR design in the mail, as well as all the other prizes. What are those some may ask? Well, the extra SURprizes I mentioned are: These 3 books: "Instant Web Pages" by Peter Weverka; "Grimmy Come Home: Mothergoose and Grimm Compilation" by Mike Peters; and "Fantasy Cartooning" by Ben Caldwell! All of these will be helpull in filling your thirst for more webcomic creating knowledge. A lotta stuff, right? Also you get the rest, which is a review of your comic up Monday, a permanent banner of your comic on the site, and I'll throw in some stickers and magnets to top it all off. Once again, congratulations to Krishna and thanks to everyone who entered the contest, who appear with their submissions below. The next contest will be up Monday, and just wait till you see what it is!!!!!


Greg Fraser of Dreamleak sent this nifty logo:
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Robert Cook of Mansion of E sent in this cool shapely one:
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C.W. of C.W.Comics(of which I just yesterday reviewed How The Dinos Died) sent in two pretty cool logo designs:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Dave Buist of Taking The Bi-Pass sent in this little gem:
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AND finally Ana Gomez of High and Low snuck this one in under the radar:
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Again, thanks for all the entries. Enter the next contest for more chances to win!


Krishna M. Sadasivam said...

Woohooo! Drinks are on me. Well, Virtual drinks anyway. Cheers all around!

Jack Carter. said...

You deserve it for an amazing professional job!