Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Interview time!

It's certainly been awhile since a new interview has been conducted, but here we are with a brand new question and answer session with Joanne Wojtysiak of Gothbunnies! Also, beginning here, we're going to be having a self portrait of the person being interviewed! So without further yapping by me, here is the interview, followed by the portrait:
1. Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to prance around in your brain for a minute or two. First question: I know you answered a question similar to this in your about section, but for the readers who haven't checked out your comic yet, what does "goth" have to do with your "bunnies"?

...Almost exactly nothing. I tried to do a goth comic, I really did, but apart from wearing black, having that fetching monitor tan and an unholy attraction to Andrew Eldritch, I share no common features with goths. Too bad, because I rather like their style.

2. What was your main motivation for doing a webcomic?

Fame and fortune (ha ha!). Mostly, I just do little comics all the time as a matter of course, and when I got to University I also got free web space and access to a scanner. Eventually I decided I was going to finish a comic even if it killed me. And here I am, four years later, still not dead.

3. Do you listen to music while preparing strips? If so, what's in your cd/mp3/tape/8 track player?

Depends, really. This week I'm working through the Webcomics Weekly podcast archives, on most other weeks I listen to last.fm. Actually, I like listening to goth or darkwave music while I'm working. It's so droopy and inoffensive.

4. Describe the comic creating process you use.

I usually start by putting the writing off as much as possible, then do three or four pages of roughs in a total panic. Sometimes I do actual pencils and inks on real paper, but sometimes I load up a panel template into Photoshop CS and do a quick digital underscribble. I scan at 600 dpi (if there's anything to scan), threshold (to turn the file B&W), then spend three or four days making the inks nice and contributing to the decline of my tendons with copious hatching. I letter in Illustrator, shrink and publish. There's a tutorial on my web page for the curious.

5. Webcomic promotion is a funny thing. What's been the most successful way of attracting people to Gothbunnies?

Over the long term, I get the most hits from the various webcomic directories and listings I'm on: The Webcomics List, Onlinecomics.net, and the Belfry. I'm also
mirrored on Modern Tales and that gets as many hits as my main site. My third-biggest draw is hits from various forums I post on. Once in a while I get a plug from a bigger comic, but that doesn't usually result in lots of regular readers.

6. What would we never find you without?

My gleeful cynicism!

7. Name a webcomic you would like to attempt a guest comic for.

Hmmm. That's a tough one. Either Girly because it's so different from what I usually do, or Cigarro and Cerveja, because I secretly think that Cigarro and Max (of
Sam & Max)are related.

8. What would your webcomic artist/creator resume look like?

Knowing me, it would have doodles in the margins.

9. What's your drink(alcohol or no) of choice?

Tea! I quite like lapsang souchong, which is smoked and makes people wonder where the fire is. We're also starting to be known as "those people who need more teapots,
despite already owning half a dozen." The good news is that creamer jugs are great for storing extra pens and pencils.

10. Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn more about you, the person behind Gothbunnies. One last thing: here's your chance to plug your comic for the readers. Shoot!

Read Gothbunnies at http://www.skulkingninja.com ! If it had a motto, the motto
would be "Better than you'd expect."

Thanks bunches!
Joanne W.

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