Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Interview Time Again!

Hey everyone, sorry no reviews yet this week, been really busy with Halloween and all family issues, but I'm still alivn and kickin'. Here's a new interview with Justin of Left Handed Toons for you to persuse. Take it away Jack!

1. Thanks for taking the time to answer for the fans and future fans out there. So, first off, what was the inspiration to do a webcomic?

I was bored at my job one day and thought it would be fun to do a whole bunch of little quirky cartoons. I drew up a bunch and showed them to my friend Drew. From there, we decided to make Left-Handed Toons together.

2. What are your influences when doing your comic, and how do you come up with your ideas?

No particular influences really. It's pretty much whatever pops into my head throughout the day. I have a piece of paper at work so that whenever I think of a comic idea, no matter how random, I make sure to write it down.

3. What kinds of art supplies or materials do you use?

My girlfriend got me some great art paper and pens a while back and I've been using them ever since! The pens don't smear, which hugely important, since I'm drawing everything left-handed and all =)

4. Are you in this for all the internetty fame or cold hard cash?

Definitely doing it because I love it. I'm so happy to see all the people that like the little comics Drew and I put up for the site. It's a ton of fun.

5. Are all of the comics REALLY drawn using your left hand?

Yup, always use my left hand. It does take a while sometimes and straight lines don't always end up straight, but we call it Left-Handed Toons for a reason! It would be wrong of me to sneak out comics drawn righty, even though I have a feeling no one would notice a difference =)

6. Halloween. What oh what are you dressing up as?

If I had the time and urge to go out for Halloween, I would try to dress up as Mega Man. It would be cool to have a charging blaster arm, even if only for one night.

7. What sorts of advertising have you done for the site?
At first, Drew linked to Left-Handed Toons from his personal flash cartoon site spinnerdisc.com. Since then, we have been using Project Wonderful a lot and we love it. It makes it really easy for anyone with a website to get some traffic going to it.

8. Where do you see the comic two years from now?

Usually I try not to think that far ahead, but I know that Drew and I will be doing this site as long as we possibly can. We have a great reader base, so in two years, we can only hope to get even more great readers. It's all about having fun and we are just happy to see others enjoy the site as much as we enjoy making material for it.

9. If you could do a crossover with any webcomic, which would it be and why?

I always have enjoyed a good Penny Arcade read, so I think it would be a ton of fun to work with them on something. I also think it would be fun for us to team up with White Ninja and make some really off the wall funny stuff =)

10. Once again, we appreciate the time you gave us. One last thing: why should readers check out your comic?

Left-Handed Toons is a quirky webcomic that many people have come to enjoy (even parents!) So come on in and give it a read!

That's all folks!

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