Thursday, January 17, 2008

Todays Review: Gothy Beans...

Gothy Beans, a daily strip by ElWooley(the only place I could find the authors name, I think, was in their email), details the humorous daily ongoings of a group of gothesque characters such as Milo, Mr. D, Eugene, and Mary. It's very early in it's doom-laden run, as in only twenty strips so far, but I'm easing back into the reviews, so don't jump my bones too harshly here. Onward.

When I think goth mixed with comics, Beans don't come to mind, unless you're thinking of the fact that a lot of snobby alternative types hang out at coffee shops. Not all are snobby, sheesh. Anyway, Gothy Beans? Okay. Sentient beans who prefer the darker side of life. The art is very simplistic, but in a good way. Soothing colors that don't strain the eye, with that dark crimson, gray, and black gothness that we all know and want to slit our wrists over. The characters look like depressed weeble-wobbles who listened to one too many Cure albums. In other words, cute! I like the overall art style here because it isn't trying to overpower us with morbid scenery. One can only handle so many crosses and Egyptian symbols on necklaces. I'm sure there will be a cemetary in our future though.

The writing in Beans is a mixed bag. Some of the "jokes" used only make sense after reading the explanation below the comic, which most people don't bother to do. If the comic is intended to be for friends only, then those jokes will work. If the author is looking for a larger audience, then writing material that doesn't need an explanation outside of the comic is needed. The good is that Beans has enough charm and likable characters to make you come back and see what's going to happen to them tomorrow. I do want more characterization though, because so far the characters seem interchangeable, like they don't have any standout personalities yet. This will probably change eventually, or at least let's hope so.

Gothy Beans is yet another in the growing trend of goth culture on the internet, but goes in a lighter direction, skipping religious references, crude language and drug use in favor of mostly family friendly "gothy" fun. A quaint little comic that will appeal to anyone looking for a quick black lipstick smeared smile, but nothing meatier to sink their fake fangs into.

I give Gothy Beans...

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