Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I think it's great the way anyone and everyone can whip up a webcomic, slap together a website, and put their comic out there for everyone, well, at least a few people, to see. We all have something to say, don't we? Webcomics are a good way to express ourselves and have an audience at the same time, talent or no. Let's get on with the review...

Solipsism, by Mike Escobar, tells the epic story of, well, Mike Escobar. How exciting can one dude about to enter college be? Well, the comics vary from Mike giving headbutts to Mike being hated by everyone. So to answer my own question, not very. Updates seem to be whenever he decides to.

The synopsis above might sound a bit harsh, but honestly there isn't much to this comic to get excited about. Artwise, the strip is basically talking heads. And when I say "heads", I mean heads. The first few comics had a few bodies, but the artist decided that disembodied heads were the way to go. Color is used in the newer ones, but doesn't do much to help the fact that there are no backgrounds at all and nothing else. Just heads. Working on the art would help this comic immeasurably.

Some comics have mediocre art and great writing, but this comic has neither. Take this comic for instance.
That's about as good as it gets. Better jokes, or jokes period, would heighten the experience for everyone. Writing tutorials are everywhere on the internet.

I feel strongly that Solipsism needs a lot of work to be worthy of a read. Less floating heads, more backgrounds, some decent jokes and situational comedy and we could see a comic in there somewhere. But hey, maybe this is just what Mike Escobar has to say...

I give this comic...
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K3R0!! said...

hey its me mike,
i agree totally with what you say, although there is a comic with severed heads that is succesful like, anywhoo,
i need to work immensely on my comic writing, and maybe add more color to the backgrounds, well thanks for the review its what ive been waiting for someone to say, someone to give an analysis on whats done good or whats done poorly, now i can correct my mistakes and do better in the future :)

K3R0!! said...

hey, its me mike again, i was wondering if you wouldnt mind doing another review, ive made a few changes and your review about my comic kind of made me lose readers, my hits dropped since your last review, but ive changed a few things, more dialouge, backgrounds, still floating heads as you say. dame otra oportunidad bro!

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