Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Todays review: The Dunedan Chronicles...

Okay, here we go. My second photocomic review on the site. Ever. Are there a lot of these on the web? Do people enjoy them? Let's find out. This little gem, The Dunedan Chronicles, is brought to us by Gareth Jones, Iain Morrison, and Mark Byrant. What is it about, you ask? Three miscreants making stuff up as they go along. Updates are...um...wait. I just noticed
that it hasn't really updated since sometime in July. Hm. Well, since I've already started and read the whole thing, I'll go ahead and give it a short review. Just to let you know, it's really really early in it's conception, but I just HAD to write about it.

Art. No art. Photos. That's what a photo webcomic is. But to be successful in the photo webcomic arena, there should at least be something amounting to some sort of action in the pics. No such luck here. Just two or three not so photogenic people standing around in nondescript surroundings. The suburbs aren't the best place to create your epic. I'm surprised they haven't attempted a fight scene in front of a
Taco Bell yet. No production values or even decent photoshop trickery. Just a dude who looks like a doom metal wannabe Kevin Smith and a cookie cutter white guy who wouldn't look out of place on The Office. You can create a photo comic and make it interesting to look at. Actus Reus is a prime example of that. The Dunedan Chronicles fails on this level.

The story starts with nothing to work with and continues with, well, nothing to work with. Under every comic is an explanation of sorts as to why there is no story or joke. Why would you think it's funny to tell us how not funny your comic is? I don't get it. The few pale attempts at humor fall flatter than a super models chest. I can't see anyone "getting" the jokes here. This level? Chronicles fails on it too.

Let's end on a high note. There are only about fifteen comics up right now, and I hope that if it continues, they at least attempt to write something out beforehand. The guys inform us that they are having trouble finding people who want to be in the comic, and I can see why. Bad jokes and bad locales make this "comic" just plain bad. I'm sorry if the review was overly harsh, but everyone needs opinions now and then to know what to fix, especially when EVERYTHING needs to be fixed. Major overhaul needed. Wait. Something positive...the pictures were in focus? Yeah.

I give The Dunedan Chronicles...
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Fabio Ciccone said...

Half a monkey? Is that a new record?

Jack Carter. said...

That is, indeed, a new record. Now to review a comic that gets NO chimps!