Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Electric Retard...

I had a hard time deciding whether to review this comic or not. I came across it on Comicgen, and felt strongly compelled to inform people. Another part of me was thinking that if I did review it, I would be giving the comic free publicity, which in my opinion isn't a good idea. I finally decided to go ahead with a short review and hope people don't enjoy this kind of thing. On with the review.

Electric Retard is a comic, or should I say a hate filled near-abuse of free speech, created by some guy named Eric, about nothing more than people getting maimed, shot, run over, shooting themselves, and raping people. Wheee. Updates, in his own words, whenever he feels like it.

Art this isn't. Retard is drawn in MS Paint, crudely. One thing it has going for it is that you can tell the people are people, cars are cars, penises ripping through peoples heads are penises ripping through peoples heads, etc. Yeah, I'm stretching to find something good here. Maybe a new artist is in order, if the comic was worth drawing. It's a colorful world that all of these evil masochistic monsters inhabit, and I can't tell if it's there to provide a contrast to all of the darkness of death, or if the guy just doesn't have any shading or coloring skills above the equivalent of an eight year old.

If I were an evil satanic perverted person lusting for mindless violence, then I would have to say this is great writing. Also if I were a Jew hater, I would find this comic amusing. But I'm neither of those things, so the writing is about as entertaining to read as the back of a tampon box. I simply cannot fathom what would bring a person to write this sort of schlock other than for 100 percent shock value. Why is Hitler ripping a grandma in half with his manhood? Why are dead bodies being dumped on a school? Sick.

I felt like taking a shower and scrubbing this comic off of me after reading it. Eric pushes the envelope of violence without any reasoning or conscience. He even admits it was kicked off of the internet by one host, only to unfortunately be put back up by another. I can only ask that everyone steer clear of this comic, which isn't worth a second of your time. But I know that some will check it out only to see what all the fuss is about. If you do, leave comments to let me know if you feel the same or if you have a different opinion. I'm going to go scrub my brain with some bleach.

I give this comic...
0 out of 12 monkeys. If I could have found a picture of monkey poop, I would have used that.


Mark said...

Wow. That's one messed up dude. I have the feeling he just does this to amuse himself and any friends he may have, but if it comes to deadlines, or any kind of real effort, he won't stick with webcomickry. So that's a good thing.

I'm off to buy some bleach.

Jack Carter. said...

I'm still wondering if I should yank the review altogether. My conscience is slapping me across the cheekbone.

Jigsaw Forte said...

No... leave it up here. SOmetimes we need to make it clear there are real turds in the world.

Renee Katz said...

Um. . . yeah, I really don't see what the point of this comic is. Maybe the author gets off on this stuff.

Kelseigh said...

More likely, he gets off on people hating his stuff. I've seen lots of folks who get a real charge when people are offended by what they do, and here in the internet they can't get punched in the nose for doing it.

klio said...

I actually sometimes enjoy reading the back of a tampon box, if it's, you know, well written, nicely illustrated, and doesn't have a scene of brains exploding out of someone's head. I looked at one page of the comic that was linked to from elsewhere, and I wish I'd read your review first, so that I hadn't given it even one hit of attention.

Keep on writing reviews where you think readers need a warning to simply stay away. It's not "polite," but sometimes we readers really do need to see a monkey-poop rating.

tbbaker2 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tbbaker2 said...

I hope someone stabs you with his shit.

Corey said...

I actually think it's amusing in a sick kind of way sometimes.

You need to respect the fact that some people find this hilarious.

0 out of 12 monkeys? Maybe because you don't appreciate that kind humor.

Oh, and he isn't being serious with it all, that's the reason why everything is made in MS Paint.
I thought you were smart enough to understand.

treblinka said...

I think its a work of art.
He parodies the darker side of the human psyche and explores the relationships between humans on a totally different level.
He explores the emotional needs of his subjects and makes you feel close to them.
I just don't think you are smart enough to get them.

Chelsea said...

The comics are amusing, what is disgusting is that some prick is trying to bash them. They aren't serious comics, so don't respond to them so seriously.

Ollie said...


spde said...

man, its super hilarious! excellent comics. The bad drawing style suits it 100% cause it shows the comix is just a sick joke, nothing serious

Anonymous said...

What are you, a catholic? I don't know if it's just where I grew up, but I was damn near in tears reading Electric Retard. Of course it's offensive. At least it's not full of over-played political jargon, elitist techie talk, or boring pop-culture references. Get over it. It's a webcomic and it looks like it took about three minutes to make each one. You're kinda making yourself look ridiculous by taking it so hard. Are you a single mom or something? I agree with Treblinka. You seem pretty boring and lame. Good luck finding an interesting girlfriend in life, Ned Flanders. Go start a church.

Ares said...

It's offensive, yes, but Eric isn't a jew-hater, nazi or anything of the sort. He originally created the strips for a thread on the somethingawful.com forums called something along the lines of "MSpaint horrible things"

Eric created the comic for fun.

To be honest, I think it's a lot better than furries.

Jonk said...

A bit square, are we? This stuff is art and you just don't get it!

Go check out their forums, btw..

Jack said...

@The Last Group of "Critics"

My, my, aren't we a bit sensitive? There is no accounting for some people's taste though. ;p

Of course Electric Retard is horrible. It is both its greatest weakness and its only strength.

But like a cheap horror film its ability to shock comes from surprise and randomness and as more strips are revealed it ultimately becomes mind-numbing, insipid, and pedestrian.

They say that the Internet is where all the filth coalesces. I prefer to think of it as a giant sift that separates the quality from all the excrement.

Mr. Carter, if you haven't done so already, please take a look at "Your WebComic is Bad and You Should Feel Bad". Just a suggestion.

Jack Carter. said...

Ouch, a lot of jew haters out there. See? I Do have a sense of humor!

Ian said...

Hi, Just like to clear up any misconceptions about Eric's art skills. He is actually an extremely talented artist, and the comic is really just something that he does because he is genuinely entertained by it. He isn't really a Nazi, anti semetic, child abuser, he just has a really disgusting sense of humour.

Anonymous said...

I know the author, and he's one of the nicest most awesome people i've ever met. Don't judge based on comics alone. There's alot more to him than just electric retard.


Dr. said...

But the issue with it is that it's not funny. Since when are racist stereotypes, violence, and blatant perversion hilarious on their own? I admit they can all be funny when used correctly, but he wields the tools with all the subtlety of a rampaging bull.

It fails to make me laugh and thus fails in its express purpose.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of hypocrite's, just some poor people who always tried to be a nazi but they didn't had the balls to. Some one wrote a good article about these hypocrites with some hard facts www(dot)proxent(dot)6x(dot)to its listed in the article archive. I cant believe how dumb people can be.

Dave said...

"It fails to make me laugh and thus fails in its express purpose."

But it makes people like me laugh and makes people like you write holiar-than-though comments on blogs. I think its clearly doing something right.

Anonymous said...

It's great, you can't see this stuff anywhere else. Nothing is off limits to this guy, he's awesome. In a world where everything is politically correct blah blah blah (can't say this, can't do that), it's refreshing to see something different.

Anonymous said...

Obviously the strip is a POS and not be to be taken seriously - what's kinda funny is that somebody would actually sit down and create these images.

But the 'jew-hater' issue? I don't get it - where? Maybe I missed something. It's not as if this strip portrays nazis or hitler positively, and jews are only shown as dead victims. If the strip had lebanese children playing with cluster bombs or a palestian family blown apart on a beach - now I could see that that would be anti-semitic

David said...

People who make these kind of things are sick twisted individuals that are only understood by similarly twisted people.

This "humour" ISN'T funny its disgusting and lacks any intelligence.

I could go into paint and do the EXACT same thing this guy has and it wouldn't be any better.

It's pathetic and juvenile and shouldn't be tolerated by a respectable web community.

I express my thanks to the author for a fantastic article and for trying to warn us against this insidious debacle.

Anonymous said...

Pfff. You're just jealous that you didn't think of making such a thing before he did. Look at that, he's selling ads and T-shirts. You're pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Im sorry but... I know this is disgusting,racist and repulsive but i cant stop myself from laughing whenever i look at this shit

Anonymous said...

art is all subjective. to just decide that electric retard isnt art, sounds kind of totalitarian in of itself.

Anonymous said...

I find some of them extremly hillarious. It takes the very very dark things that occur in this world and throws them in your face. People get raped, People kill people, People probably even stab other people with their poop. Its not serious. It is this guy acknowledging all these terrible things and instead of pretending like they dont happen he chooses to laugh about them. The fact that its done in MSpaint makes it even more ridiculous. If you want to whine about horrible things why dont you whine about real stuff instead of this guys comic.

Smart One said...

Alright... the claims you made about the people who actually like this stuff are quite false. I find this site to be absolutely hilarious in the fact that the author doesn't give a fuck about what people like you think. The reason it is so crudely drawn is because he doesn't want to draw it better. Before you go on making false accusations about people, try to understand the purpose behind the site...

For example, say the author wanted to create comics on some of the most horrible crimes committed today. The reasoning behind this may be to raise awareness about these acts of violence. It touches on racism, homicide, genocide, and sexual molestation.

So, the author now decides to raise the "shock value" to make people more conscientious about this stuff. So before you go on bagging on everyone for there ways of expressing issues, try to understand it first...


Anonymus said...

Best comic ever, it is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Well I'd first liketo thank Mr Carter for this page as its been a massive referer to the site.
I am one of the electric retard admin(jewdozer) and would like to just say.......lol NIGGERS!

Jack Carter. said...

Heh....at least there is still SOME shock value left in this desensitized world. I left the link to the site up because I want people to choose for themselves what the point of this comic is. I for one think it's strictly to be gross and shocking to get viewers. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but come on. Raising rape awareness? HA! Finding a new way to get people talking about molestation and how to prevent it? Whatever. This is just out and out evil scribbled on a screen. But don't take my word for it, click the link! ;)

Anonymous said...

I think its pure genius

stupefied said...

OK. first after I read the article I thought I was mentally disturbed for liking the comic, but then I read the comments and I felt relieved to find out that actually most of the people(or at least those who left a comment) who read the article liked fag art. So theres nothing wrong with me after all:) (or theres something wrong with the majority of worlds population?)
Anyway, the comic is 100% unique, u just need a broader perspective to catch the glimpse of its genius

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm i think he honestly doesn't care what he does, and don't believe he takes it seriously. It's just too crude and FAR too random to take seriously. I mean come on - giant naked Hitler? Unsolicited violence against negros? Someone who stabs people with shit? I can't see him taking it seriously.

BTW, #26 by Eric is a total laugh!

Anonymous said...

Man i used 'seriously' alot... Anyway to Mr Carter - I'm with you. I don't believe he's trying to raise any discussion of issues at all with these comics. But as I said earlier, i believe he just thinks up of random stuff that he may find funny, though he doesn't believe in it. For example, personally, I find dead baby jokes funny. I don't believe in abuse towards anybody and especially towards the youth, however, they're screwed up and over the top, which is just what makes it funny for me.

Making sense? Probably not. Oh well, I guess it just always boils down to that choice, either it's all okay or nothing's okay.

Redsandro said...

The impact of the attention this review makes the comic attract is so much bigger than ones' wish not to let it draw attention, it makes the review look like "Look what's passing my eyes in my spare internet time?"

I think the comic is better than this review. Overall nice blog though.

Ewen Cameron said...

I disagree. Electric Retard is by far the best web comic ever made.

I haven't had this much fun since I came across a road traffic accident and there were old ladies spread over the road!

Unfortunately it looks like the site is now down. It was up a couple of days ago. Probably another ISP folding to the pressure of conservative non-electric retards.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you recognized it's for shock value. I think a lot of these are hilarious by just simply how bizarre they are. I don't believe the author actually condones these things, and the quality obviously isn't being taken seriously, so maybe you shouldn't?

It's just a fun little comic to appeal to people with darker senses of humor. There shouldn't be anything in this world that we can't laugh at under the right terms, and I think crudely made MS paint comic strips are perfectly acceptable terms. Grow up and open your mind.

Anonymous said...

Oh look, someone that's going against the grain. Shit - why didn't I think of that?

Come on, asshole, you know fine well it's not meant to be taken seriously, so save your bland writing style for elsewhere (preferably nowhere). To be fair, this is the gayest review of anything I've ever read. Mainly because you're not understanding the whole meaning behind electricretard. Also, you're not funny. At all.

You're criticizing his drawing style? Wow, now who's the retard? The drawing is meant to be crude you dipshit; it's what makes it even more funny than it already is.

I'm sure Eric is sorry that some comic-nerd like yourself doesn't like his taste. Oh yeah, I forgot - he doesn't give a shit about faggots like yourself.

Please don't write a review ever again. You suck, see.

Anonymous said...

THE SITE IS DOWN, you...!!!!!

If it is your fault...!!!!!!

I gonna cry...

(you see, i got sentiment too)

Anonymous said...

eric would shit stab obamas ass

Anonymous said...


there funny

Anonymous said...

I found the comics to be pant-pissingly funny and entertaining.

I found your review to be a fucking waste of time and a pile of shite.

I review your site 0 out of 12 fucking monkeys you shit jiggler fag-whore.

hitler said...

what would make you critique the web site? in no way does eric even pretend to take it seriously or give two shits. this is shock humor, meant solely to entertain. if you don't like it that is understandable but you pretending to have the credibility to tell me what is and isn't funny is more of a shock than hitler cumming on people.

Anonymous said...

You fucking idiots, if u dont like it then leave it. I for one found it insanely amusing, as did many others. the funny bit is that hes actually making fun of the fact that SOCIETY discriminates against jews and black dudes. If you guys had any grey matter you would realize that and find it funny. fucking idiots
i rate ur review "0 out of 12 monkeys" too u twat.

Satanic Thoreau said...

It's absurdist humor. It may be sick but it's blatantly obvious where the potential humor comes from -- extremity. It's just like all those "off-color" jokes you hear, for example "What's the difference between a porsch and a pile of dead babies?" "I don't have a porsch in my garage."

Anonymous said...

if you are taking it seriously then you aren't getting the joke.

Eric said...

My comics are pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

its awesome

Anonymous said...

It's awesome, I love it and there's one thing I can say. NIGGERS NIGGERS NIGGERS NIGGERS NIGGERS !!! :DD

Anonymous said...

It is funny in a sick kinda way, just because you ignore and try to repel the terrible things in the world dosent mean the will vanish!!! you need humor to make it through life

Anonymous said...

Electric Retard, along the Jerkcity, are the only webcomics online worth reading.

Anonymous said...

electric retard is fucking hilarious. Please go scrub your brain with bleach, Mr. Carter. Literally. Faggot.

Anonymous said...

hey,i´m not antisemitic,i´m not a satanist and i dont like to eat human flash or rape a child,but in fact i like electric retard and knew it before this post,i find the comics really funny xD its sick yeah,but funny ^^

Anonymous said...

You must be a slack jawed faggot if you didn't find this comic to be the best comic ever.


Anonymous said...

I am Eric. suck my bloody cock you all

PoopDik said...

you need to go to 4chan you dumb bloggers dont know shit dick cum fart about the internet

go to encyclopedia dramaticas offended section

then you will think this guy is the fucking pope

considering you dont think the pope is a nazi

Pocket said...

If you'd like to provide an explanation for your "art this isn't" line, then I'm more than willing to hear it. Otherwise, I think you should edit your post to retract the statement completely, or better still delete the entire entry. Art, by definition, is not what you think it is. A pretty, inoffensive picture of a bowl of fruit is art, yes, but just because you don't like it doesn't mean Electric Retard is an any less valid form of expression. I appreciate that some people have difficulty reading between the lines to fully understand the social commentary and bold statements that ER presents, and someone seeking a light-hearted funny webcomic with no deeper purpose than to pass the time and entertain idle minds would almost certainly not enjoy it. However, I also appreciate the extreme irony that a person who finds ER distasteful due to its hateful characters has written a fairly wordy blog entry with the soul purpose of spreading hatred for the comic and its creator.

Bert said...

"Art this isn't. "

i didn't know you decided if things are art or not

you're a retard

Draaischijf said...

While I don't agree that something can be declared "not art" by any random person, I can't say that I felt anything but mild indigestion after reading a few strips of Electric Retard. Some people might think that it is disgusting and terrible, while others may see it as a high mark for absurdest humor. Art is subjective, and both the Author's opinion and the above dissenting opinions are equally valid.

I may not personally like it, but that doesn't give me a right to say that it should be banned from the internet. Nobody was harmed by this strip. The humor might be decidedly offensive, but thus is freedom of speech.

I understand the want to spare people from reading something like this, but as it is highly unlikely for somebody to randomly stumble upon this by themselves, all this thread has done is to promote the comic.

Anonymous said...

I think electric retard was beautifully orchistrated work of art master piece. What would I rather watch? Some fag painting roses, or a child getting beheaded and raped, or some one running out side naked with a frozen defacate and stabbing someone then having sex with the wound. I am sorry but I disagree whole heartedly with the reviewer here, and quite honestly in my professional art reviewing years. I think he is a fag.

Anonymous said...

BlastTyrant said it best way up at the top. Only people with the Ned Flanders adult overbearing mindset hate on self expression with a satiric side. I found his artwork funny as hell. It was crude, fucked up, and a delightful display for the nutjob deep inside me...and I'm pretty normal. And why the hell are you bashing his artistic skills? I don't know if this was covered in another comment or not but have you seen explodingdog.com? Its the same thing only less crude and drawn in photoshop instead of MS Paint...yet that guy's awesome? I think people take life to seriously.

George Carlin said it best:
"I think you can joke about anything, its all a matter of how you construct the joke."

Anonymous said...

Hahaha soooo funny. Must read. Soory author :-)

DumLoco said...

What a douche man, live and let live

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

It is the light to my week to come home and read those it makes my day =D. Fuck niggers and Jews White Pride World Wide =) my favorite guy was mr brown =)

JoeCool said...

I swear all these comments saying the comic is funny and genius were posted by the comic's creator himself. I can't imagine anyone else would defend this crap.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Anonymous said...

He wants to be provocative, the fact that you guys are so angry about it, is sad. Just let him make these comics, they are funny in my opinion, not that I'm a racist, but this is just laughing with a taboo, there's nothing wrong with that as long as you don't put it up to reality..

Anonymous said...

I actually understand why some people might be offended, but honestly, he does it for pure shock value. I personally think the comic is hilarious- just because of how bizarre some of the things are. (IE: Comic #12 when the random dude comes running over carrying a lawnmower had me in stitches...as did the 'paralympic shooting for the blind' comic hahaha)

Yes the comic is really offensive, normally, I wouldn't read something like this. I think the fact that he doesn't take himself seriously makes it more worthwhile. It's just interesting, because literally ANYTHING can happen in it, and I'm always interested in what he'll think of next lol.

Zhmei said...

This Eric guy is reeeeally out there. Totally twisted. I had never seen such sick stuff and probably that's why it's so incredibly hilarious.
Hope the uptight Germans won't take a piss on me viewing this stuff on my pc though...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

i lol'd

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