Sunday, September 23, 2007


Just wanted to officially welcome everyone to the new Webcomic Asylum, formerly Jacks Reviews! Please excuse the crappy temporary logo. It's just up until the contest is over and the winner is chosen. I love the new name, even though I've had a complaint or two, but not everyone will always like what you do. The new name is synonymous with the new direction the site has been going in lately, not JUST reviews but news, contests, polls, interviews, etc. Jacks Reviews just didn't do it justice in my opinion. Having Asylum in the title added a little craziness that I thought was needed. And if anyone worries that people won't know what they are getting without "review" in the title, don't worry, the banners I'm going to be making for the site will say "reviews, news, contests, and more!" in them. So, welcome, take off your shoes, pants, grab a cold glass of buttermilk out of the fridge, and enjoy! Oh, and be sure and bookmark the new address!

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