Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Yep, you read right, and if you STILL haven't entered or even HEARD about it, click HERE to find out what all the hullaballoo is about! addition to the prizes already mentioned, there will be one or two SURprizes thrown in! So stop scrubbin' your grannies bunyons and submit!!!


Jason said...

Your name change in the middle of the contest totally screwed up the thing I was in the process of inking and I didn't feel like making something else. Seriously. That was poor timing on your part. Oh well, maybe next contest.

Jack Carter. said...

Yeah, I'm really sorry about that, and yeah, it was poor timing. But if I didn't tell people about the name change I would have had to scrap the whole contest, and no one else has complained, so I guess it didn't go over so bad with them. I'll never change things mid-contest again, scouts honor!