Monday, October 15, 2007


Yep, contest #2 is here. Ah yes, I remember the first one. Chimps were all aflutter, doing everything under the sun. Heck, see that logo up there? Krishna M. Sadasivam created that, and a job well done it was. He will soon be enjoying a Webcomic Asylum tshirt with his logo along with his webcomic banner permanently displayed on the site, and of the other prizes mentioned. And now it's another lucky readers turn to win fantastical prizes that would make a Wookie poop out an Ewok with excitement. What? Tell you more Okay okay, don't get your diapers in a bunch, here are the details.

We all know the webcomics medium is still in it's infancy, with only a select few able to live off of their works, DC bringing out Zuda, Stan Lee's Sunday Comics, and news and review sites popping up faster than pics of Britney Spears privates, thing looking pretty darn exciting or all of us. What am I getting at? I would like you to write an article on the webcomic "industry". More specifically, your take on where it's been, where it's at, and were you see it going in the future. Be creative, write it any way you want to, include details, specifics, blah blah.

Now, the person who writes the best article will win and have their article prominantly displayed on the site, and maybe on some others(I'll shop it around for maximum coverage). Of course, all entries will be linked to for everyones viewing pleasure. The winner will also have their comic(if you have one, I don't discriminate against those who don't have a webcomic)reviewed right away if it hasn't been so already, and you will receive a Webcomic Asylum tshirt. The major prize is...wait for it....a set of art supplies like the world has never seen! I'm talking pens, pencils, paper, rulers, erasers, whiteouts, markers, tsquares, asquares, bsquares, you name it, it'll be in there. Sound good? I thought it might.

From one paragraph to ten pages, it's not the length but the contesnt that will be judged by myself and a few others. I've also decided to cut down the time from one month to three weeks this time though. I got a little antsy last time. So Monday, Nov 4th is the deadline, with the winner being announced on the 5th. Email your entries to, subject matter "Article contest entry". What are you waiting for? Start your writing!

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