Monday, March 23, 2009

Top ways of getting out of having an actual joke.

So you have a comic, but you run out of ideas on how to finish a strip. Hmm....well, you could do like a lot of other webcomic creators and use one of these handy scenarios I've conjured up, using Gothy and Dizzle to make the points. Enjoy!
Not being one to dignify what Dizzle says, which just so happened to be something about how he "Eyeballed a hoochie with a rump like what he saw in a meat market once", Gothy punches him, showing a lack of respect for the bewildering story. Next, please.
Instead of responding to Dizzles story about how he got his "crunk on", nothing is said for about four cut and pasted panels, giving the impression that what Dizzle said wasn't worth a response.
Here we see Dizzle unleashing a veritable sea of flatulence into the unwanting face of Gothy. This gag is commonly used as a last resort in the more lowbrow of webcomics. It can also be combined with a "pull my finger".
The use of the insult as a last panel can be dated back as far back as original Popeye comics, where Popeye first told Olive to "blow him down". The insult isn't really a joke, as it is more of a statement about the person it is being told to.

So, I hope this has been useful to you. Perhaps you have some of your own to share?

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JM Brown said...

The non-sequiter. Something wacky happens that's completely against the punch-line the comic is trying to build but God damn it you can't help but laugh because "lol an arrow flew off screen and pierced his chest SO RANDUM! XD"