Thursday, March 26, 2009

Family Webcomics!

Need help deciding what comics you want your kids reading? Family Webcomics is a site, well, here's the description, straight from the site itself:
Family Webcomics is a new information site containing listings, reviews, and a variety of related content. With over 12,000 webcomics on the internet featuring a wide range of material from all-ages to porn, it can be difficult and time-consuming for a parent or educator to weed through all of the offerings and find strips suitable for their children. That's why this site was created. FWC provides a place where you can not only view webcomic listings, but evaluate their content based on an extensive list of content elements and attributes.
So if you're looking for a family oriented site that's easy to use, then this is the one for you. Go on over and start searching!

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Mirz said...

Again, thanks for the plug. We are very excited about our re-launch, and even more excited by the flood of positive responses we have received from both creators and parents. This is a service a lot of people have felt the need for, and we're honored to bring it to the webcomic community. :O)