Friday, March 27, 2009

Review: Freshly Squeezed...

Hello again readers, Jack is back with another semi-professional review! Today we have Freshly Squeezed, a webcomic by Jesus Navarro. That's no longer updating. Darnit. Maybe I should have read the "about" section before going through all of this trouble. Note to self, prepare more next time! Well, he requested a review, so I'm going to go ahead and do it, seeing as how I've already written up some notes and read the strips. Here we go. Freshly Squeezed is basically a humor comic with lots of random things happening, which I will get more into in a minute. Okay, minutes up.

Art: Quickly scribbled(and probably cut and pasted a lot, by the looks of the character models), blocky MS Paint-style art, with nary a background to be seen. These characters obviously live in some sort of white vortex, devoid of even a couch to sit on. Or a line representing the ground. Loud primary colors are used also, so wear sunglasses. That's about it on the art front. Not much to talk about.

Writing: I'm sorry to say it, but the few guest strips about zombies are the funniest ones. Because they have a joke in them. When will comic creators understand that randomly exploding characters does not a joke make? And how about those random acts of violence, like, say, here, or here, maybe this one, and right over here! Makes the heart grow fonder with every quart of blood spilt, doesn't it? Man, what's the next generation going to be like....he should have just named the comic Al GORE, with a pic of the environmental activist standing by his decapitated head. Maybe "An Inconvenient Bloodletting". Bleh. Okay, okay, it wasn't completely bad. There were a couple, like this one, that were decent, but a few nickels and dimes in a jar full of pennies doesn't add up to greatness, or even goodness. Less death and more time spent on punchlines would have upped the quality. Not much in the way of writing at all here, just excuses to blow heads off in the name of comedy. Or at least at an attempt at it.

Freshly Squeezed is just a series of exploding heads, suicides, murders, penis jokes, and swear words, sloppily written and drawn, for the viewing pleasure of a few that like their comics a bit on the depraved side. Strip 64 sums it up perfectly. At least Jesus doesn't pretend to be doing Shakespeare here.
I give Freshly Squeezed...

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