Monday, August 11, 2008

Milton and Jens Reviews: Stud Kickass!

Well, here we are with the very first illustrated review! Yep, this is the new approach I wanted to try. So please, give these characters a chance, and let me know what you think of Milton and Jens Reviews. Click to enlarge! Also, I'm not so sure I want to keep this new style on this site or create a totally new one for it. Feedback is vital! And be sure to check out Stud Kickass to see what all the fuss is about! Enjoy!


Spencey said...

I rather like the new style. It's a very appropriate format for a webcomic review. Not sure about long-run appeal of Jen when you run out of boob gags, but I think there's potential to mix things up if you made the theme of each review related to comic you are reviewing. I'll definitely be back to see where you go with this.

Jack Carter. said...

Heh. You no like the boob jokes? Yeah, the very reason I decided to do this was on a whim after being on some forums and talking about what will bring in more readers. Someone said something about the nanosecond attention spans these days, so I got a little annoyed and said "screw this, if this is what they want, then let's do it!" I was actually going to make the Jen character a blonde bimbo with huge boobs specifically for drool effect, and sorta to make a point, but then she evolved to having elements of my girlfriend, and I just couldn't make her a bimbo, but I could still use the boobs! I'll find a way around using them constantly though. It's about the review anyway, right?

scartoonist said...

Review? What review? lol

Two minor suggestions for you to ponder. One is, it would help us nearsighted folks if you could slow down a tad on the lettering to enhance readability.

The other is to link p 1 to p 2 to p 3, which of course requires uploading p 3 and modifying p 2, which may be a pain.

As Mr. Natural said, "I'm watching this noble experiment closely..."

Liliy said...

Oh~ A webcomic review; I think that worked out rather nicely. (THough a tad annoying having to click the images and go back and forth, but not that great of a hurdle. But I do agree with scartoonist; some sort of 'next' option would be nice instead of just linking to the graphics. XD)

Wonderful show. ^_^

Anonymous said...

The idea of a comic to review comics is a good one, but I'm really not sure that Jen (as she is at the moment) fits in. It seems to cheapen your reviews to have a character originally conceived for 'drool effect', because you're imitating a flaw that you'll find in a lot of other webcomics. If someday you want to review a bad webcomic which uses the token female characters as obvious eye-candy, will anyone listen when you point this out, if you're doing the exact same thing?

I think if you're going to do a successful comic-review, the jokes need to relate to the webcomic more than anything else. The 'shock value' panel was a good use of Jen in relation to the webcomic, but Milton blurting out cheesy boob jokes isn't really related in any way to what you're reviewing, and feels like a bit of a distraction. They'd be funny if the comic was meant to just be about the characters, but it's not; it's meant to be about what the characters think of another comic, and to have them reacting so much to one another really draws the focus of the comic away from reviewing, a little.

One of the problems I found here was that Milton and Jen seem to have largely the same opinions on the comic. It feels like a review written by one person, then split between two characters to read out. What I think might be more compelling would be to build up a cast of characters, including these two, who take different approaches to webcomics and what makes them good, and then have them argue about different facets of the comics you review. Have them represent stereotypical webcomic readers; Milton, for a start, would be a traditional nerd, Jen might be more free-spirited and fun, and you could add others in, like a teenaged gamer who loves violent humour, or a slightly stuck-up type who prefers artsy comics. When it's time to do a review, you could pull out the two or three characters you feel would have the strongest opinions on it, and present the good and bad points by having them discuss it back and forth. That way, you're not just catering to people who like one kind of webcomic; you'll be able to say "If you like crude humour, this is for you" one week and "If you like intelligent, poetic comics, you should check this out" the next.

Tanzmetall said...

Are you kidding me? That comic forces me to spontaneously release my bowels. Now, I get Project Wonderful ads for abysmal webcomics all the time. And yet, I have honestly never seen a worse webcomic in my life. "One in four is gold"?! You count on your reviewers for your hits, don't you?

I give it 7 colostomy bags out of 7.

Jack Carter. said...

I'm not sure if you're insulting my webcomic that reviews webcomics, or the comic that I reviewed.

Tanzmetall said...

The webcomic you reviewed.

But don't take my word for it. Look at each one and find out which one makes you release your bowels.

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