Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Review: Goo From Another Dimension..

Now for something totally different: Goo From Another Dimension by Tyler S. Payant, is a webcomic about a mound of purplish goop not from our world, or dimension, for that fact. The comic updates twice a week, Wednesdays and Fridays, with Wednesdays being a review of different things Goo finds interesting in our world, and Fridays being a new comic. There are currently 132 strips in the archive. Now, Is the comic more than just a purple blob of nonsense? Let's see...
ART: 7
I really liked the art in Goo. The characters are drawn in a nice clean, sorta unique style, especially Goo, who is quite ugly, but likable at the same time. Likable like an alien Danny Devito. I did find some of the art to be a bit too gross. Like this one, where Goo gets a pimple. That first panel. Ew. Too detailed for my stomach. Or the one right before it, which features pancakes. You have to see it for yourself. Sometimes the art was just too much for me to handle, but that's just his style. And they are gross out strips, so I guess it does its job, right? Now, the backgrounds are a bit harder to rate. The majority are blurry real life photos. But still, at least Tyler takes the time to put em there. It works, but I would like to see more hand drawn stuff back there. Or at least less blur.
Right from the very first strip I was actually laughing out loud. LOL. Whatever. I don't know if it was my mood or something, but just seeing an overweight bee and having Goo say to it "Whoa, you're a BIG bee!" with that ugly surprised look on his drippy face made me laugh. Then the second strip. Meh. Then the third strip. I laughed my butt off and even described it to my fiance while she played Super Mario Bros 3 beside me. I think I got her killed at that point. Anyway, that was arguably the funniest strip on the site. And so it went. Really funny, then smile inducing, then filler strip, then really funny again. A lot of simple everyday stuff injected with Goo's oddball alien way of looking at things, making for hilarious results most times. His friend Jack isn't so interesting though. Seems there for nothing more than for someone to have grossness bounced off of.
The comic is pretty original in that Goo is a uniquely ugly and weird main character. He isn't attractive, and he isn't pleasant in the least, and he looks at things in such a different manner than everyone else, but that's what I liked about him. Or it. Yes, it is another gag comic, but it's done in a quirky style that I don't see that often. It's not a roommate or gamer comic, or a roommate gamer comic. It's about a freakin' wad of alien putty. To me, that's original.
A nicely laid out and themed site. The purple color scheme and perfectly sized title are appealing to the eye, and the links and extras pages are welcome additions. I also want to mention two things, one I like and one I don't. The reviews section is something I haven't seen on any other comic, and I find it unique and original, so maybe I should have put it under originality, but it's here, so oh well. Anyway, this is where Goo reviews different things from our dimension. Everyday objects such as grape jelly and kittens get the Goo scrutiny, with "Kittens smell like cats. Duh.", being one of his nuggets of wisdom. I like it. On the "dislike" side of the spectrum, a "support Goo" donation button just seems out of place. I've never liked donation buttons on smaller comics, because it just seems like you're panhandling, but maybe that's just me. Most people just aren't willing to donate, especially to a little known comic.
Goo From Another Dimension had me writing a bit more than I originally intended with the new review style, but I'll get over it. Goo was just that good. Very funny for the most part, with an original main character and a nice website to view his gross shenanigans, Tyler has a great comic on his hands. Goo deserves a bigger audience to witness all of his ugly purple splendor. Consider me a fan!


Dimensionalgoo said...

Thank you for the great review! It was fun to read an honest opinion of my work. Note, that I will definitely take some of your input in hope of making Goo From Another Dimension a better comic strip.

Tyler Payant

Jack Carter. said...

No problem, glad to read a good comic. Keep it up!