Sunday, February 1, 2009

My review style...

Sometimes I get questioned on my reviews, and my style of reviewing. I just wanted to give the basics of what I'm attempting to do here. It's pretty much a layman's overview. I don't get technical, at least try not to, and I don't pick apart every little detail of a site just to drag out the length of the review. It's short, sweet(or sour, depending on the comic), and I HOPE that it gives a sense of what I think needs to be worked on and what is just right. This is not a professional site by any stretch of the imagination, I am not a professional webcomicker or reviewer, and these are not definitive reviews. They are just the opinions of a fellow webcomic creator and fan of the medium. So take what I say with a grain(maybe a whole container)of salt, and keep on making those webcomics!-Jack

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Anonymous said...

I fully support your commitment to reviewing webcomics. Keep up the good work!

However, I do not support your mockery of the Super Bowl as the Schmooper Bowl. Bad form, Jack Carter. Bad form.