Thursday, July 10, 2008

And the slow going continues...

Hey people, Jack here to apologize for the lack of a solid update schedule. I've been doing what I can, but things have been a wee bit tight in the ole personal life as of late. Not to worry though, I'm going to have a new review up in the next couple days, as well as new interviews. Speaking of interviews, if you have a webcomic, and said webcomic has been reviewed on this site, and you would like to BE interviewed, drop me a line at Well, I'm out, but hey, while you wait for new updates, why not check out the new poll I put up, as well as links to some of my fave comics, such as Scary Go Round(love the art), Exploding Dog(love the idea of sending him a sentence and he draws it up as a comic!), Buttersafe(funny!), and that rascally Herman The Manatee(He gets hit by motorboats ALL the time!). Enjoy, and come back soon!

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