Monday, July 16, 2007

Blip and Radar...

Hi. So there's this webcomic called Blip and Radar, and it's done by this dude named Blake Gallagher. It's basically the tale of a couple of creatures that look like a cross between weeble-wobbles and the ghosts from Pac-Man. It's essentially a gag strip of the face each other and say something sarcastic variety, which isn't a bad thing if done right. This little ditty is updated weekly, as in every Friday.

The art doesn't seem to be trying to say much, but even photofiltre takes a little time and effort to work with, which I'm guessing is what Blip and Radar uses. It took me forever to do one panel using it once, so I can appreciate that. I would like to see what the comic would look like using traditional methods though. There's not a lot to say about the art other than it's simple and brightly colored, and the characters are pretty basic blue and yellow blobs with eyes and a mouth, kinda like someone poured a bag of Skittles in the panels. With such simplicity in the art, I would expect pretty good writing and characterization. Read on.

The writing here is very gamer oriented, which I'm not. I play a couple of old games, but in-jokes and game references make this comic automatically have a narrow audience. Well, there are lots of gamers on the internet....anyway, I think expanding the joke base would give people who don't sit on the couch playing Gears of War all day while eating Funyons something to enjoy. Maybe those people get the jokes, but I don't. Other than the game jokes a few of the others worked, but the characters have yet to really show any personality other than saying the F word and being angry.

I'm not too sure about this comic. It's not crude enough to be offensive, and it's not nice enough to be family friendly. I would have to say that if you like games and talking about games and joking about games and wearing boxer shorts with games on them, you should at least give Blip and Radar a once over. But if you want something a little more meaty, look elsewhere. I give this comic...

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The Panel Patrol Team said...
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Blake G said...

Hey, it's Blake.
I agree with all your critiques, and think you're absolutely right. Though, i would like to point out that my core audience is, as you point out, "gamers who play GoW all day" =D.
My art, as you also point out, is pretty simplistic. Art isn't exactly my strong point, I'd just like to point out that i
actually use
PhotoFiltre,(, not MS Paint.
Thanks for your honest review :)

Jack Carter. said...

I'll be sure and correct the ms paint remark. Sorry about that!=)